Key Components

Consisting of traditional scalable software with blockchain technology as the backbone.


All metaverses are created and managed by the metaverse pallet. Ownership details and current policies will be stored as metadata in the blockchain.Policies will be enforced by the blockchain and acted upon by off-chain workers.


Enabling the creation of new NFTs native to the network or the importation of existing NFTs from external chains, where a native representation must be given.


Enable platform stakeholders to vote on the chain’s direction and infrastructure. Governance for metaverses will be provided by a separate governance pallet, designed for the nuances of metaverse specific governance.


Enable developers to mint new fungible tokens as part of multi-currency facility.

Decentralized Storage

We are using IPFS to store NFT media files including, metadata, text, images and 3D models. We have plan to create economic incentive to reward IPFS operators to store the data.

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