Target Audience

The Bit.Country network serves individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, and community owners looking to grow their engagement with their fans or followers.


Individual users can explore different metaverses, there will be a variety of cultures, games, and content. Users can join the metaverses and take some land ownership and start mining, building the land to make the metaverse more appealing to the community.

Community Owners

Community owners can launch a metaverse world of their style and choosing, invite their social community to join, build, and play. In your metaverse, the members can help you to build the community while being rewarded. True fans can be easily identified and rewarded.


Businesses can use their metaverses to promote their products and services. Turn your value proposition into a 3D land and map. Reward your visitors while promoting your product.
Bit.Country aims to be the platform for new entrepreneurs and business owners to create successful and active communities. Providing a customer-friendly experience for classical internet users and a powerful system for blockchain enthusiasts.
Adopters of the platform have a stake in the ownership and say in the growth of the system.
Individuals will realize there would be new opportunities offered from both the network and individual metaverses.