Your Metaverse

Individual metaverse created by user
The virtual world behind the traditional web view. Users can socialize, trade, provide services, and run events. Here you can see the tangible effects of block and subdivision ownership. Interact with the placed smart assets and promote your NFTs.
VR support is on our roadmap. We are also actively monitoring the development of Neuralink technology.

Your Map & Land

In the specific metaverse, the owner has a map (similar to Google map) of land blocks. Underneath the map is the 3D world. Users can dive into the world by dragging the icon to a specific location on the map.
Subdivisions are also visible on the map. Future events and points of interest can also be promoted on the map visually.


A subdivision is a buildable area within the block owned by a resident of the Bit.Country. Inside the bounds of this subdivision, the owner can place virtual dApp, NFTs, and other assets (3D models or images without smart contract association). Taking advantage of the voxel engine, the owner will also be able to “build” on their land.
We have been considering the ability to transform these voxel builds into NFTs that can later be traded to others for placement in their own section. This idea has also been considered for further development, creating an asset builder for improved control and the ability to build intricate assets or architecture without requiring a section to build on.

Land Development

A landowner can plan out their development. Users can develop the land using voxel system, 3D model, text, image, videos, and NFT assets.


A building on the land can have its own interior space, and users can enter the building and interact with the services inside.

Local Governance

Members are able to express their will through governance in the metaverse.

Local Marketplace

The market dedicated to the metaverse, with only your assets displayed there. When a social token is approved, users will be able to pay for the items using your tokens.

Local Missions or Games

Users can enter your world because of a specific game mode or mission. e.g. Treasure hunt. We are building the APIs that will allow developers to create their own missions and game mode.

Virtual DApp

A virtual dApp is a pairing of 3D assets and smart contract behavior. A 3rd party can create smart contracts on our metaverse network and other media assets to be paired together as a smart asset. Available for purchase by landlords to place instances of them on their sections.
These smart assets are able to facilitate events and services within the land block via the smart contract or the block features made available by the platform.


A standardized layout for the metaverse. Created by the platform or other users, they provide a simple way to get started with block sections.


Determines the aesthetics of the metaverse. Created by the platform or other users. Themes determine the textures/images used for the style of the ground, walls, and more.


Users can interact and socialize in multiple ways. The Dimension View is multiplayer with synchronization between the different users. We plan to provide systems for communicating and trading.
A user could walk up to another in the same block and trade. For example, they might possibly like the shirt being worn and wish to purchase it for themselves.
Users could take advantage of block features via virtual dApp to enable live performances and more. Voice chat and even video chat are being considered.

Framework API

Our API provides a number of “block features” to interact with the dimension viewer’s world. Features include the ability to spawn items, effects, and run events, for example: “Airdrop - an event where coins fall from the sky. Residents who enrolled to participate in the event must run around and collect the coins to secure their pre-allocated amount. The coins will be weighted towards points of interest such as NFTs and other smart assets”.
With events such as Airdrop, a block owner or landlord can promote their services and other NFTs, driving community engagement and awareness.