How the idea was born.
The domain Bit.Country was acquired by co-founding team on 22nd January 2018 while they were attending the blockchain conference in San Francisco.
The team sensed that the decentralized paradigm will need a virtual world for new identity and digital assets in the near future.
When blockchain came into existence, it created a paradigm shift; making possible a community-governed organization where assets can exist in perpetual machines and value exchanges can be done reliably without any centralized authority.
In 2019, the founders had the plan to create a platform that provides a new way to build community on Web3.0 while also being driven by economics and governance. The following concepts were born, notably:
  • A decentralized virtual world governed by the community
  • An open economy infrastructure
  • An open NFT protocol to make the objects in the virtual world usable
  • A platform allowing user-created metaverses, experiences, and applications.
In Mar, 2021, the team is officially formed and started official development in Sep 2021.