Bit.Country Pioneer - NEER

Bit.Country Pioneer is the canary, cousin network on Kusama.

It is Bit.Country deployment on Pioneer Network connecting to Kusama.


Why Canary Network

Polkadot or Kusama ecosystems have a canary network model allowing projects to have more flexible rules and try out their innovation using a smaller token generation event.

The utilities of NEER are the same as NUUM. However, the token generation event is slightly different.

Total Supply: 100,000,000 (non-inflationary), which is a much smaller amount than NUUM.

  • Although some availability is 100% at TGE, the allocation will be released strategically (exchanges, JVs, etc) within the next few years.

  • The schedule for current or future advisors (currently 0.5%) follows the same rules as the founding group.

NEER Token Release Schedule


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