The mothership of metaverses, an aggregation of thriving civilizations
The Continuum is a grid map of metaverses with a limited number of coordinates. Its future shape will be completely driven by the community members.
New slots will be proposed according to the on-chain algorithm. The parameters for proposing new slots consist of the number of metaverses, land blocks, population, and activeness of the ecosystem. The location of the new slot will be determined by NUUM holders.
A metaverse can participate in the auction for a spot on the Continuum. Once the spot is secured, the metaverse will have opportunities to receive the platform and community’s recognition among other benefits that are still under consideration.
Other ideas being considered currently include:
  • Good Neighbor Protocol is to ensure you have a say about who can be your neighbor.

Supply of Spots (Beta)

The spots available on Continuum are determined by the on-chain logic. Taking Xbc as the number of metaverses available on-chain, and let Yslots be the number of slots made available.