Point of Difference

From layer-1 infrastructure to consumer facing application framework
  • Multi-metaverses owned and created by the users
  • Built bespoke blockchain for metaverses
  • Combined both voxel system and polygon system for 3D world
  • Everything runs in the browser and the loading speed is optimized
  • Seamless on-chain governance at both network and metaverse level
  • Unique economic model that supports both the network and individual metaverse
  • Build Communities-To-Earn.

Launching a Metaverse Project on Bit.Country will give you access to the following features:

  • Your own NFT Facilities.
  • Your own Marketplace
  • Your own Live Events
  • Your own Map Engine
  • Your own Customizable 3D World
  • Your own Land Economics. (You need to deploy land first)
  • Your own Social Feed Platfrom to interact with your fans outside the 3D world.
  • *Your own Reward Campaigns
  • *Your own Social Token Economics
  • *Your own Gamification tools
  • *Your own Custom Code
*Some features are still in the roadmap.