Ecosystem overview
Bit.Country Metaverse Network is an application framework and blockchain for user-created metaverses and games.

Our Brands

The full name is Bit.Country Metaverse Network (Application & Blockchain for Polkadot)
It is the application framework allowing users to interact directly and builders to develop their experiences.
We aim to allow users to develop their own metaverses without any technical knowledge. Bit.Country app is the portal to the platform and blockchain realization.
Traditional Web View - The Timeline View. A classical timeline view for content creation and related social activities. The management portal for governance, residency, staking, services, marketplace, and more.
Non-traditional 3D View - Run events, play games, interact with your fellow residents, provide a “physicalized” representation of your ownership.
Bit.Country Pioneer
The full name is Bit.Country Pioneer Network (Application & Blockchain for Kusama)
The pioneering network is the sister and canary platform for Kusama.
It is the blockchain brand used and built by the Bit.Country team using Substrate and Rust. On Kusama, you can call it Pioneer.
It is an EVM-compatible blockchain containing protocols for metaverse projects. Developers can deploy a smart contract using Solidity or Ink.
Metaverse.Foundation This is the metaverse community for empowering ecosystem development. It will be used for project grants and bounty programs to incentivize value-added initiatives.
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