Common Entities

Some key entities of Bit.Country

A Metaverse

A metaverse is a sovereign virtual world with its own landscape. Users can view the map, and enter the virtual world whilst the local marketplace allows users to trade authorized collections.

A Land Block

A land block can be treated as a sub-dividable "district".

The core unit of area with a coordinate in a metaverse’s map. A land block is the categorization and container of content in a community.

Each land block can also be visualized in a 3D view (Dimension View). Within the land of the block, the area can be subdivided into land units independently ownable and tradable. In these land units, the landlord can place assets to provide services, display NFTs, and run events.

Social Token Adoption (TO BE CONSIDERED)

NOTE Adoption of individual Social Token will require pre-approval via network governance. Please refer to our roadmap for the plan of supporting social token or alt-tokens.

Import a currency for your metaverse and incentivize the people who contribute to your community. The currency serves two purposes; utility and governance. Your members can use the currency to pay for services and assets; or to have a say in the growth and policies of your metaverse.

Incentives are set or altered by policies in the metaverse. The incentives can cover meaningful activities that add value to the development of the community.


Become a resident of a metaverse by having land. Explore and find one that suits you in terms of policies and incentives, and then settle in.

Being a resident grants you multiple rights, such as owning land with creating content permission, participating in more activities.

A metaverse can allow non-residents a level of freedom to view content but activities are limited in this state.

Governance - Network Wide

NUUM holders and the councils will co-govern the network.

  • Democracy

  • Technical Committee

  • Treasure council

  • Metaverse council


We are building a simple decentralized marketplace for auctions. The auction and delivery of items will be completely decentralized and governed by the blockchain.

Not only do we support our chain-native assets, but also provide support for external assets (NFTs) to be traded on the platform once imported through the bridge.

Trade your NFTs with residents within the same metaverse, or the entire network. Promote them in the dimension view for awareness.

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