New Problem & Solution

New paradigm means new problems and new solutions.

1. Community members can co-build a metaverse

There is no decentralized network allowing community owners to create their own metaverse with their fans.
There are no technical skills required to develop your digial real estate, the platform supports voxel building tools and 3D props.

2. A community that is made by people & owned by people

Fans want to do more with the influencers they follow. Also, they should not be punished by high gas fees. Gas prices limit the adoption and trade of low-priced assets (e.g. NFT).
The assets should not be just in the wallet. Your NFTs deserve to be on display somewhere special to your community, not gathering dust! NFTs are typically collectibles purely for ownership without function. Your metaverse is the home of your NFTs, and NFTs can be used as if in the real world.

3. Don't reinvent the wheel

Individuals or organizations need a medium through which to express their creativities, via their culture, theme, and practices.
Developers need a metaverse framework (UI & Protocols) to build more experiences through games and dApps without having to reinvent the wheel.


For Users

Your metaverse will be an autonomous machine to engage and grow your community on Web3.0, and it comes with an exhilarating visual experience and a strong value proposition for your people.
Bit.Country Metaverse Network creates a new digital civilization on the continuum made of individual metaverses, truly powered by the community.

For Developers

Builders are able to create new applications either within the pre-built metaverse framework API or start new on top of our Ethereum-compatible-low-gas-fee blockchain.