BIT & Campaign
Bit.Country metaverse is made by BIT which is the base material and energy source

BIT Token Economy

On Pioneer - the canary network of
BIT Initial Total Supply: 1 Billion
BIT Anual Inflation Rate: 15%
BIT Staking Reward: 38.17% from BIT Anual Inflation Rate

BIT Campagin (Beta)

BIT is distributed to users for metaverse development. Users can participate campaign with staking, land commitment, experience and other activities to receive BIT to develop the land.
  • Bit.Country platform runs periodic campaigns to allocate the calculated amount of BIT according to users' commitment.

Burning BIT

  • BIT is consumed when creating objects on the land.
  • Users can use BIT to craft certain objects.
  • Enable Features
BIT will support cross-chain XCM parachain transfer
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BIT Token Economy
BIT Campagin (Beta)
Burning BIT