BIT & Campaign

Bit.Country metaverse is made by BIT which is the base material and energy source

BIT Token Economy

On Pioneer - the canary network of
BIT Initial Total Supply: 1 Billion
BIT Anual Inflation Rate: 15%
BIT Staking Reward: 38.17% from BIT Anual Inflation Rate

BIT Campagin (Beta)

BIT is distributed to users for metaverse development. Users can participate in the Material Campaign by staking $NEER, land commitment (land staking), experience and other activities to receive BIT to develop the land.
  • Bit.Country platform runs periodic campaigns to allocate the calculated amount of BIT according to users' commitment.

Burning BIT

  • BIT is consumed when creating objects on the land.
  • Users can use BIT to craft certain objects.
  • Enable Features
BIT will support cross-chain XCM parachain transfer