Get a Polkadot Wallet

Polkadot wallet can be used for all substrate based networks.

How do I create a Polkadot Wallet Address?

  1. 1.
    Install the Polkadot JS extension into your browser
  2. 2.
    Open the installed extension and click the + button
3. Next you'll be shown a mnemonic to save.
You must save it in a safe place! It is your private key, if someone else gets it, YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR FUNDS AND ASSETS WITH NO WAY TO RETRIEVE THEM! Also there is no way to retrieve your private key/mnemonic if you lose them!
4. AFTER you've saved your menomic safely, you can click next in the bottom right
5. Now you can choose whether you want to allow access to any chain for this account (for our testnet, you'll need to leave it set to Allow use on any chain)
6. Set your descriptive name for the account - no one else will see this, it's just for you
7. The password for your new account - *you'll use this whenever you want to transfer funds or interact with the blockchain. Try not to lose your password and keep it safe!*