Core Components

Consisting of traditional scalable software with blockchain technology as the backbone.
Blockchain Protocol
This serves as the foundational layer responsible for overseeing critical blockchain functionalities, including but not limited to transaction processing, consensus mechanisms, and security. Additionally, it provides the infrastructure for supporting smart contracts, which are autonomous agreements governed by predefined rules and conditions.
This feature enables the creation of a metaverse-like community, complete with a comprehensive land economy, immersive 2.5/3D space, interactive events, seamless messaging, a dynamic marketplace, versatile NFT integration, and an engaging timeline feed. It provides a rich, virtual world experience that mirrors real-world social interactions and economic systems.
Bit Avatar
A soulbound avatar system lies at the heart of our social and communication framework. These avatars not only represent users in a unique and personalized way but also open up avenues for earning opportunities in the web3 space. They act as digital identities that carry value and significance in the virtual ecosystem.
Social Pool Protocol
Users can earn native rewards collaboratively, fostering a sense of community and shared success. This approach to rewards not only incentivizes participation but also strengthens communal bonds within the network.
ESE Framework SDK
For developers, we offer the ESE Framework SDK, a powerful tool that enables the creation of rich applications using our prebuilt modules. This includes functionalities such as space creation, meeting setups, and more, providing developers with a versatile and robust toolkit to bring their innovative ideas to life within our ecosystem.