Security, scalability

Metaverse.Network Continuum embraces a robust security framework, relying on the Polkadot Relay Chain infrastructure, pioneered by Kusama Relay Chain. This integration underscores the concept of shared security, a distinctive offering for blockchain projects contemplating parachain status within the Polkadot ecosystem. In essence, shared security entails that all parachains connected to the Polkadot Relay Chain through the leasing of parachain slots enjoy the economic security provided by the validators on the Relay Chain.

This approach differs significantly from inter-chain protocols built upon bridge architectures. In the case of bridge protocols, each chain operates independently, maintaining its validator set and economic security. A critical concern in such protocols is the scalability of security.

Polkadot mitigates these security scalability concerns by centralizing economic incentives on the Relay Chain and affording parachains access to robust security guarantees from the outset. In contrast, sovereign chains must invest substantial effort to bolster the value of their tokens to ensure resilience against well-funded attackers, a challenge uniquely addressed by the Polkadot shared security model.

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