Published Roadmap
Developer Community Boostrap and Activation
Engage and empower through hackatons and grants our developer community to encourage the creation of features, applications and unexplored use cases by using our features and infrastructure.
Integration Phase
Launch of the Enriched Social Experience (ESE) Framework. SDKs, APIs and integration documentation to enable developers to build enriched social experiences (metaverse and social) for their individual projects, websites, apps and Dapps.
Q1 2024
$NUUM Token Generation Event (TGE) is scheduled to occur at the end of February 2024. Followed up with distribution and vesting as specified on Bit.Country's whitepaper.
Feb 2024
Accessibility and Expansion
Full Mobile Responsive Application allowing users seamless access to most of our infrastructure features on the go.
Q1 2024
SocialFi boostrap campaign
Campaign designed to kickstart the SocialFi features of our platform, enhancing the utility of our native tokens.
Q1 2024
Bit Avatar Soft Launch + Odyssey Campaign
Soft Launch of Bit Avatar, Bit.Country and Metaverse.Network roadmap reveal and awareness campaign to Metaverse Odyssey Participants of all the features developed and available in our infrastructure.
Completed Q4 2023
Continuum.Network Genesis and Launch
Continum.Network with successful Parachain Bidding, followed by the launch of the Genesis block, ensuring network stability and readiness for development.
Completed Q4 2023
Digital Identity
Full upgrade and revamp of Avatar Customizer including advanced customization options, image2avatar (AI) generation, full customization and avatar templates.
Completed Q4 2023
BC Spaces Refinement.
Collecting detailed user feedback and expanding features to enhance the metaverse experience.
Continued improvements and availability for other devices.
Completed Q3 2023
BC Space Multiplayer Infrastructure Setup
Support for meetings, livestreams and other social events with video and audio. New infrastructure to support multimedia.
Completed Q2 2023
BC Spaces Introduction
Ensuring that our product and value proposition continues to be innovated and broadening further our target audience, Research and Development of BC Spaces began focusing on creating a lighter, more versatile metaverse experiences. Followed up by alpha release to partners and early adopters to gather initial user feedback and data for further improvements and feature refinement.
Spaces allow greater creative freedom, and closer interaction between groups. Exploring value that can be added from 3D to social interactions.
Increasing support for mobile and other device form factors.
Completed Q2 2023
2D/2.5D Environments Research and Development
New engine and infrastructure to support 2.5D environments. Tooling to help support communities and groups.
Completed Q2 2023
Kaosland Settlement
Kaosland became the first open-world metaverse on Pioneer.Network, enabling users to claim, trade, build and develop in their land. Land staking was introduced allowing land owners to stake their $NEER in their estates expanding land utility.
Completed Q2 2023
Governance protocols were enabled to decentralize Pioneer.Network, ensuring community involvement to create proposals and participate in the Network's decision-making.
Completed Q1 2023
Kaosland Preparation
Design of Kaosland CBD and environment. Open Kaosland for settlement as the first full scale open-world metaverse experience on Bit.Country.
Completed Q4 2022
3D Hosting Infrastructure
Updated 3D infrastructure to support faster development and embedding in supported projects.
Completed Q4 2022
NFT Ecosystem and Marketplace
Creating NFT Collections, minting NFTs and Global and Local Marketplaces were enabled, providing a platform for content creation and exchange of digital art and metaverse ready NFTs.
Completed Q3 2022
Refinement and Preparation.
Full product design and development. Preparation for official launch with focus on user experience, scalability and usability. Onboarding anyone with internet access to a Metaverse Experience using only their internet browser.
Completed Q3 2022
Metaverse Customization
Support for new customization options in engine. New sky, ground and sound systems. Initial framework for custom experiences.
Completed Q3 2022
3D Engine Enhancements
Designed to support large scale in-world development and support. New tooling for greater customization in metaverse. Terrain and larger render distance.
Completed Q3 2022
Enable Token transfers and Token Utility
The enablement of token transfers alongside with $NEER's utility, allowing for staking to mine $BIT, launching on-chain metaverse projects, pay transaction fees and further NFT minting.
Completed Q2 2022
$NEER Token Generation Event (TGE), along with the Crowdloan reward distribution and claim process was finalized.
Completed Q2 2021
Metaverse Refinement and Customization
"Develop new functionalities and improving/enhancing existing features based on initial MVP insigths and internal testing. Improved build tools, reliability and performance. Focus on new tooling and supporting user-driven content.
Improvements to Avatar customization and quality. Allowing users to represent themselves and their ideas."
Completed Q2 2022
Testing Phase
Opening Alpha Testing to partners and Metaverse Evangelists to refine the product further and prepare for broader release. Further improvements on scalability and accessibility across different performance targets, opening up access to lower power devices.
Completed Q2 2022
Metaverse Land Distribution Logic
System for the distribution of land via scoring system.
Completed Q2 2022
Pioneer.Network Genesis and Launch
The initiation of Pioneer.Network with successful Parachain Bidding & Crowdloan, followed by the launch of the Genesis block, ensuring network stability and readiness for development.
Completed Q2 2022
Proof of Concept & MVP
Evaluating the core idea and technical feasibility of a Metaverse as a Service platform. Initial Minimum Viable Product with essential features to provide early value and gather feedback. Core (voxel, prop and NFT) build functionality, and initial customization developed.
Completed Q4 2021
Metaverse Building Infrastructure, tools and features
Core infrastructure to support tools and facilities for placing, editing, modifying a world. Systems to handle the creation of assets, and validation.
Completed Q3 2021
Multiplayer Infrastructure Setup
Scalable infrastructure for general social activities and synchronisation of players.
Completed Q3 2021
Game Engine Research and Development
Development of infrastructure to support "infinite" worlds with user-created and placed content. Flexible engine to support a variety of "worlds".
Completed Q2 2021