Configure MetaMask

Like other Ethereum L2, MetaMask doesn't include MEVM out-of-box, you can quickly add our Alpha Testnet network to MetaMask with some simple steps below:

Now, let's get started.

On MetaMask extension.

  1. Click on the network selector button. This will display a list of networks that you've added already.

  2. Click 'Add Network'

  1. MetaMask will open in a new tab in fullscreen mode. From here, find and the 'Add network manually' button at the bottom of the network list.

  1. Complete the fields with the detail below and click 'Save' to add the network

After adding a new network, your network will look like this.

  1. You can verify if your network setup done correctly by selecting Metaverse.Network Alpha Testnet and MetaMask display your account balance.

Now, your MetaMask supports Metaverse.Network Alpha Testnet, let's start the next step of getting a free Token faucet.

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