Getting a free Alpha Testnet Faucet Token

Before deploying a smart contract or interacting with our MEVM, you need to obtain some free tokens for transaction fees.

1. For existing Substrate users on Alpha Testnet

Please note: Metaverse.Network supports two types of wallet format, Substrate Wallet (SS58) and EVM Wallet (H160) to support WASM and EVM smart contracts. Therefore, to send token/assets from Substrate Wallet to EVM Wallet, you need to convert between these two formats.

While we will include the auto wallet conversion tool on our Developer Portal, in the meantime, you can use this address converter to convert between Substrate Wallet (SS58) and EVM Wallet (H160)

Here are some steps to send your existing Alpha Testnet Token to your EVM Wallet.

  1. Go to MetaMask and copy your EVM wallet.

  2. Convert your EVM wallet from step 1 to Substrate Wallet, from H160 to SS58.

  3. Go to Polkadot.JS and transfer Alpha Testnet Token from your existing Substrate Wallet to a Substrate Wallet which you converted from step 2.

  4. All done. Check your MetaMask to see the balance transferred.

2. For new EVM wallet users

Go to Bit.Country Discord Faucet then go to #evm-testnet-faucet channel to obtain 10 Alpha Testnet Token from your EVM Wallet with this command

!drip your-EVM-Wallet

Please note, to avoid spam, our team will manually distribute 10 Alpha Testnet Token to your EVM wallet so expect delay.

Now, you should have some free Testnet Faucet to start interacting with our MEVM.

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