Network Wide Governance, individual Metaverse Governance
A community-owned, decentralized, multi-metaverse platform requires sophisticated governance protocols which allow it to develop gracefully in the future in the best interest of the stakeholders. This governance mechanism is inspired by Polkadot governance, and our protocols are built using the Substrate framework.

Network Wide Governance

This structure is designed to maintain the sustainable development of the entire network and ecosystem over time. Stakeholders can utilize the governance to shape the future such as feature implementation, protocol adjustment, metaverse operations, and important technical issues.
Network Wide Governance


In general, anyone can create a proposal, however, the most popular proposal will be promoted as a referendum for public attention and voting.
Proposing is an essential process to deliver important matters efficiently and effectively to the public audience.


The most seconded proposal in that period will become a referendum for public voting. Bit.Country will actively promote a public referendum in its best effort to bring the attention to everyone for voting.


There are four areas of interest, notably:


Any NUUM holder can create a proposal through Democracy.

General Council

The members are elected through the candidate voting process by the NUUM holders. The general council is interested in matters like ecosystem development, protocol implementation & adjustment, forkless upgrade, and so on.

Technical Committee

The technical members are appointed by the general council, this team is responsible for urgent bug fixes and roll-out. Any technical-related emergencies will be fast-tracked through the technical committee. This will ensure the network stays secure and healthy for the ecosystem.