Your metaverse portal on Polkadot & Kusama
NOTEThis document portal is under active development. Please review change logs for references.
Launch your very own metaverse project on Metaverse.network.
Metaverse.Network enables organization to start their own metaverse project for their target audiences, and takes community engagement to a new decentralized dimension on Web3.0
Our Purpose
While our team is excited about Web3.0 development, our destiny is to create a network that brings real-world impact. We want to provide ordinary people with valuable opportunities, including ease of access, in this new digital future.
Our Team
Everyone on the team is a believer in a metaverse future. With our headquarters based in Singapore, we have talented staff globally. Our diverse team covers a wide range of skills and experiences, covering everything from large-scale solutions to first-class community development.
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